Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edmatrix? 

We are an e-Learning social platform with a mission wholly centred on helping learners acquire knowledge in a way that excites and emboldens them - by using technological tools to ease and revolutionise the process. 

What is a Self-Paced Course? 

Our self-paced courses consist of the following features:

  • Pre-recorded lecture videos

  • Pre-recorded & solved past paper walkthroughs

  • Notes on each chapter in ebook form
  • Quizzes that learners can attempt and receive instant feedback on.

    We call these courses 'self-paced' because they are a ready-made collection of exam-oriented material that learners can steadily and independently work their way through over a 1 - year period (a year's access is granted immediately on purchase). 

What is a Live-Crash Course? 

Two months prior to the exam date, our mentors conduct live sessions up to three times a week to help students revise the syllabus and practice past paper questions. The purpose is to provide an accelerated run-through of syllabi and test students' understanding via assignments and live discussions.

Note that being enrolled in a mentor's self-paced course is not a necessary prerequisite for being eligible to attend their live crash course; these sessions are open to all. 

Who are Mentors?

Our team of mentors is made up of young, enterprising educators, each of whom has displayed excellence and a desire to innovate within their respective subject fields. 

Our mentors are easily reachable through email and alternatively via the edmatrix community platform. Visit our mentors page for their personal contact information.

How will parents monitor their child's progress? 

Parents can contact our team for regular reports comprising information on their child's level of progress: number of videos watched, amount of quizzes and assignments completed, and grades received. 

Please fill out the contact form and provide us with your child's name and enrolled course in the "Your Message" section and our team will get in touch!

What type of discounts are available? 

After signing up, you will see our exciting bundle deals where you can enrol into 2 or more courses at an unimaginable price.

We also offer flat discounts on courses from time to time so do keep an eye on our course pages to stay up to date with exciting deals. 

How to pay? 

We accept all major Credit & Debit cards.

Additionally, you can also make a direct transfer into our company bank account and EasyPaisa/Jazz Cash accounts.

For more details, visit our payments page below:
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