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Platform Features

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Interactive Video Lectures
Play, pause, repeat! Watch your mentors unpack complicated concepts using a combination of exciting visual and text tools. 
Notes For Each Module
Your Edmatrix mentors have carefully compiled easy-to-read module notes that you can peruse while on the go - memorise, highlight important text, and make your own notes!
Quizzes With Feedback
Concretising concepts can help you level up your potential as a student. Take our end-of-chapter quizzes with embedded feedback from mentors to truly become exam ready!
Past Paper Walkthroughs
Obtain ready access to pre-recorded past paper sessions to watch your mentors apply course concepts and solve various types of exam questions. 
Live Classes & QnA sessions With Mentors
Feel like you need extra support as exams draw closer? Sign up for live crash courses with your mentors 2-3 months before exams!
Social Community 
Bridge your learning gaps by engaging with our community of learners and mentors; build a network of people who will encourage you at every step as you learn! 
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Course Categories

Self-Paced Course

Control how you learn & progress
  • Interactive Video Lectures
  • Module Notes
  • Quizzes with feedback
  • Past Paper Walkthroughs
  • Social Community Support
  • Access course for up to 12 months 

Live-Crash Course

  • Live Classes with Mentors
  • Module Notes
  • Mock exams
  • QnA sessions
  • Social Community Support
  • Duration up to 10 weeks 

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What People Are Saying

Mariam Qasim
LGS 1A1 - O Level Class of 2021
"Preparing for Biology & English with Edmatrix is helping me improve the quality of my learning every day! There is so much creativity in how the courses are structured. The lecture videos are always fun to watch, plus you can quiz yourself at the end and go through ebooks for extra help. They have everything I need!"
Raahem Salman
Aitchison College - O Level Class of 2022
"This is turning out to be such a supportive learning environment! My friends & I taking the Self-Paced Courses are making use of study groups on the Social Community Platform that Edmatrix provides. Plus our mentors are so friendly and approachable. I love the sense of community!"
Hiba P. Sheikh
Student Counsellor
"Having interacted with so many school students I have observed that many of them struggle to find a central source for their revision needs. Shuttling from school to various tuition centres, they often feel drained of energy and can't focus. EdMatrix's centralised platform with e-learning modules, a repository of class notes and past paper questions will certainly facilitate students in learning at their own pace."
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